Most people would think that being a designer, rx your wedding will be a synch to organise and design – just to clarify… This most definitely is not the case.

I think all designers have a tiny bit of O.C.D and may not like to admit that they may be somewhat of a perfectionist. I openly admit – I am at the high end of this spectrum, hanging off the edge to be exact.

Imagine having 120 metres of fairy lights and 80 meters of bunting to hang up in a marquee when in your mind everything MUST BE SYMETRICAL.


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Needless to say after two days of lugging hay bails around (which were all aligned at exactly 45 degrees in a Herringbone fashion), preparing symmetrical salads and laying 100 places for food (thank goodness I can’t stretch my skills to origami) I was quite surprised and very relieved to see the Groom still waiting for me at the ceremony. Many (more wise men) would have run a mile by then.

It’s also really hard to design for yourself, I don’t think I would have had the budget for the number of versions of my invite I created. It’s strange how making decisions for other people is so much easier than making decisions for yourself. From what percentage of yellow water colour paint I mix with red to get the exact tones I need to match the poppies in the bouquets, the bridesmaid dresses and of course my red lipstick – to selecting the perfect fonts.


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Mr & Mrs Smiths wedding Zephyr, poppy Bouquet


There was also good reason for the overall colour scheme of white and virgin red – to the contrary being 7 months pregnant on my ‘BIG’ day wasn’t the reason you are all thinking! In the same way Richard Branson wanted all of his air hostess’s to look incredible on his flights – I wanted both of my wonderful bridesmaids to look and feel fantastic too. Virgin Red is the only colour in the colour palette that suits both warm and cold skin tones. There is nothing worse (darling) than seeing a – what can only be described as anaemic bridesmaid in a pastel yellow dress…

We had our ceremony over in the Scilly Isles and then a big old knees up in Gwithian shortly after, I have to say I wouldn’t have changed a thing – not even the colour of the labels on the favours. We were so lucky to have such incredible people to share it all with and we have so many people to thank for making our day even more special. Thanks to my husband, for agreeing to marry me, O.C.D and all, Anthony Greenwood for capturing the love and my mother Deirdre (who I get my perfectionism from) for making the incredible bunting tirelessly for the last 2 months of her life!


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