So it’s been an eventful couple of weeks in the world of me. I’ve been getting stuck in to a regular training routine and have been combining a mixture of strength based classes and some mean Metafit sessions at my Husband’s studio, as well as attempting to run three times a week. One of the biggest mistakes I made when training for the London Marathon was failing to keep up much cross training and I’m not about to make that mistake again. As Zephyr life gets busier in the New Year, I’m finding the balance between general life, training and work a bit of a challenge at the moment but I figure I just need to get in to a steady routine and I’ll be fine. Or at least not getting really down on myself when I can’t fit everything in every week, we can ‘t always be perfect, right?

I never thought I would say this in a million years but I actually need to slow my pace down on the shorter week runs – perhaps it’s testament to the extra studio sessions I’ve been putting in or perhaps it’s just because it’s blumming freezing outside and all I want to do is go home, but I ran 3.5 miles in under 9 minute miling! Now that might not seem quick to you speedy Gonzalez types out there but, for me, that’s like a world record. The fact that I very nearly vomited at the end kind of brought it home to me – I need to slow down or perhaps start to do some fartlek type runs to mix my pace up a bit. Whatever that really means but I’m going to look in to it…

You’ll be pleased to know that I found my socks (hooray!) and the past couple of longer weekend runs have been much more pleasant but I have yet to make my way up to our local running specialist (Personal Best Running) to pick my new trail shoes. I know, ridiculous! The problem is I just can’t make my mind up about which ones to go for. A friend of mine recently shared a fantastic link to a review of the best trail shoes on the market at the moment by RunRepeat and now I’m dazzled by the fabulous array of trainers. Meanwhile the hole in my current shoe continues to taunt me with a brazen show of my sock whenever I look down… I’ve made a deal with myself to get a grip and buy a new pair asap.

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The lovely thing about having friends who’re either doing the same crazy things I am, or are just ‘outdoorsy’ is that we get to go out exploring new routes together. We recently checked out a cracking route around the mining trails here in Cornwall which will offer up a great alternative to the coastal paths when the weather is just horrendous, which is looking pretty likely over the next few weeks! That’s me at the bottom – crazy eyes…

On a final note – I have had some not unexpected news but still somewhat of a bummer – without boring you with the details I dislocated my knee many years ago and have always had a grouchy right knee since. I’ve learned to deal with it (in the words of my eldest brother – “man up wet pants”) but over the past six months or so it’s been particularly grouchy so, after having an MRI before Christmas, it turns out that I have a 12mm ‘object’ floating around in my kneecap. Brilliant. I know, I know – you’re shouting at the screen right about now asking me why the actual hell am I still planning on running a 32 mile ultra, but do you know what I’m not going to give up. I’m off to see the knee specialist next week to talk about my options and hopefully have the UFO taken out soon so I can crack on. I’ll keep you posted!

Oh, and I’ve signed up for the Hope 24 team run, eek!






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