I’m not going to lie; it’s been a tough few weeks with workload. It’s been a great few weeks at work, we’ve been lucky enough to start working with some fantastic new clients like MyZone and Fitness League, but it’s playing havoc with a consistent training schedule. I think I’ve driven about 1,250 miles in the past few weeks and a trip to London for two days. I know, what a jetsetter 🙂 This is the last time you’re going to hear me whinging on about this particular issue however; I’m boring even myself! Ha.

IMG 0088I’ve not been a total lazy bones though. I have had a bash at some ems training with the hilarious Thomas at Miha BodyTech which, after I stopped squealing like a little girl, I thoroughly enjoyed;







I’ve taken part IMG 0090in one of the most brutal but addictive HIIT sessions of my life with the fabulous crew at Trib3 (I honestly nearly puked all over their lovely floor);







and I’ve been able to take my fancy new trail shoes out for a spin on the coastal path here in beautiful Cornwall – a gorgeous 7 mile run, although 3 of that was on the beach… bleddy hate running on sand but I nailed it none-the-less. Mainly because I didn’t want to look bad in front of the dog walkers on the beach… you know how it is.

Soooo, next subject – Fancy. New. Trainers

IMG 0089

Yup, that’s right I am now the proud owner of some proper fancy shoes. They fit my flat clown feet perfectly and have a mean set of lugs on them, excellent for coast paths. This is my first time wearing Saucony (I was quite sad to retire my old Brooks) but when you slip on that new trainer and it fits like Cinderella’s slipper, you know it’s the right pair. Thanks to At Your Pace in Helston for all the advice and the many, many pairs of trainers I tried on.







IMG 0087

One last little update for this blog… I’m having my op on the old knee in two and a bit weeks – turns out the UFO is the size of Malteser!! It’s basically a bit of cartilage that dislodged when I dislocated my knee which has been quietly getting bigger over the years. It’s a simple key-hole procedure and I’ll be in and out in a day which is good news. The bad news is that I can’t run for a month. Aaaaargh!







So to avoid being Mrs Grumpy and to feel like I’m still making some progress, I’m going to focus on building up the strength in my knee and my quads in particular, and generally doing as much strength based work as I can. I say that without really knowing what I’m doing so a chat with my clever PT Husband is on the cards before I do anything silly. On the plus side, my Consultant doesn’t think getting back up to fitness for the ultra is going to be a problem so I am feeling uber positive about the whole thing although I’m going to have to avoid eating so many Maltesers, which makes me very sad.

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