Myzone wanted to create a testimonial video case study focussing on the boutique studio, Trib3, based in Sheffield earlier this year as a drive to create targeted messaging for the UK industry, but shared on a global level. With a clear idea on the main messaging they would like to communicate, we were commissioned to deliver the whole project from initial concepts and creative, filming on the day and all post-production with the final film delivered in 4k format.


Using our experience and knowledge in the industry, we worked with the team at Myzone to hone in on the most important elements of the video after assessing and agreeing on the main objectives of the video – to support sales activity for the team and to communicate several key messages including the inclusivity and social elements of the product as well as how Myzone supports an active lifestyle inside and outside of the club and provides operators with data on their customers whether they are inside or outside of the club; the latter being a key message that previously the team at Myzone have found a challenge to communicate effectively.

After scoping the project messaging and creative approach, we chose to work with Artlight Films to take it to the next step. After a half day recce with the Producer and Director of Photography, we delivered the final storyboard and not only was it a gorgeous piece of illustration in its own right, it also allowed us to communicate our approach in a visual and compelling way to Myzone.

Following a whole day’s filming with the fantastic team at Trib3, we worked collaboratively with the team Myzone to edit the huge amount of footage captured on the day in to a 3 minute video case study which captures the essence of what it means to be a boutique studio and what Myzone does for them from both a member’s perspective and from the business’s perspective.

We are now in the process of working on our next Myzone projects including a product shoot and a model photoshoot to boost the Myzone image bank in line with the new brand.