We were delighted to have been asked to work on new campaigns ideas for the team at GoodGym to support their national growth plans, with the main focus on all pre-sale activity initially and moving into member collateral to support the onboarding process for the marketing and membership teams.


The GoodGym offer is quite broad with the main aim of the charity to help isolated elderly people through their Coach Runs (and missions) however this usually comes after they start running with their local GoodGym clubs so our mission was to create an engaging brand awareness campaign to capture the imaginations of potential members and draw them in. We considered four creative campaign ideas with each focusing on making their marketing toolkit work harder and being ready to make a real push to clarify their offering to the market and drive take-up across GoodGym clubs nationally. Each campaign focussed on a different angle, with a clearly different approach, tone of voice and stretched the brand in a variety of ways to create something unique.

After settling on a version of the chosen campaign and providing consultancy support for their upcoming photo shoot, we quickly developed a range of pre-launch marketing pack assets for the GoodGym team including coming soon flyers; a selection of out of home items such as tube car panel adverts, digital display adverts and 6 sheet adverts; and a range of HTML emails to focus on welcoming new members and basket abandonment emails.