In order to succeed in the design industry, collaboration really is a key factor to keep in mind. As you often have to prove to your potential new client that you’re the best fit for them and that you can provide in areas your competitors just can’t. Now this is practically impossible if you try to do everything on your own, the phrase ‘Jack of all trades, Master of none’ springs to mind.

To truly provide a consistent quality service you have to be willing to collaborate. Whether it be internally with the team or with our freelance network, we here at Zephyr HQ relish the chance to collaborate on a project.


Internal Collaboration


Even though we are a relatively small team at Zephyr, we each have different skill sets and are always willing to learn from each other. That is a big part of our internal collaboration process, learning from each other and getting input on project work to help us take it to the next level.

As well as skill sharing, every other week we have a team meeting to share any interesting industry articles, inspirational work, or useful tools we’ve come across. Sometimes you get an “Aww I was gonna share that…” but more often we all have something different to offer. It is a great way to take a step back from live projects and have a look at what is happening in the word.


External Collaboration


We work on a variety of projects from creating a brand identity, to designing websites, to producing a video. And honestly we don’t always have all the skills required in-house, but this is where our excellent freelance network comes in. We love getting the chance to work with one of our contacts, they provide a slightly different take on the projects which often improves the end result. It also means we can pull in the perfect partner for the perfect job – a match made in heaven!

Most recently we have worked on a few video projects with Lightbox Inc, who is also based in Hayle. James is really great to work with, always calm and collected we really value his knowledge of producing quality video content.

We’ve had a chance to work on quite a few photoshoots over the past couple of years, and so get to work with some awesome photographers. There are two that really stand out to us from recent projects, the first is the wonderful Anthony Greenwood. We have known and worked with Ant for a while now, he is practically part of the Zephyr family, always happy to contribute ideas on how to get the best out of a shoot and great at putting our clients at ease. The second is a lovely chap called James Carnegie, based in Surrey but always travelling around to awesome places on different shoots. Working with James is always a pleasure, his depth of knowledge and awesome style never fails to impress.

These are just a few and we are always looking to broaden our freelance network, whether it’s photographers, videographers, web developers, copywriters, designers the list goes on…

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To Conclude


I think I’ve made my point that collaboration is key to the success of Zephyr and the projects we produce for our clients. When you work with Zephyr you don’t get one mind, you get many and that is what makes us great. There is a quote, that for me really sums up why collaboration is key, by the American Novelist Louisa May Alcott:

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So what are you waiting for, if you have a spark of an idea, together we can fuel the fire and make something great.

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